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The University holds a wide educational offer. Just to mention some data: 13 Bachelors recognized for their high quality, while 6 Master programs and 2 Doctorates belong to the Quality Postgraduate National Programs of CONACYT.
At the same time the bachelor in History a double national majoring and the bachelor in Arts handles an exchange teachers program and the validity of the program on behalf the University of Valencia in Spain. The same occurs in the doctorate in Social Science and Liberal Studies, which is supported by the university of Alicante in Spain too.

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Bachelors with international quality.

Faculty of Humanities

    • History

Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science

    • Gastronomy.

Biological Sciences Institute.

    • Biology
    • Marine Biology and River Basin Management

Faculty of Arts

    • Music
    • Arts’ Management and promotion
    • Visual Arts

Faculty of Engineering

    • Environmental Engineering
    • Topographic Engineering and Hydrology
    • Geomatics Engineering

Faculty of Odontology Science and Public Health

    • Dentist Surgeon

Institute of Applied and Basic Science

    • Earth Science

Faculty of Human and Social Science

    • Psychology

All the Bachelors are held in Spanish

Note: the University gives free support with Spanish tutorial classes. It is necessary to take a diagnosis exam and a final exam at the end in order to see improvements.

Master and Doctorate Programs

Master and Doctorate Programs in Social Science have a two-year duration, divided in four semesters for the master, and four years divided in eight semesters for the Doctorate. Both combine the modality in regular education and teaching-learning tutorials, in which the students have an active and responsible position for their education. The program has a flexible syllabus based on a wide offer of specialty seminars and those for specialization. Different and prestigious teachers give the classes.

Educational Programs supported in the PNPC-Conacyt


Mesoamerican and Central American Study Center its acronym stands for CESMECA

  • Master in Social and Humanistic Science (San Cristóbal de Las Casas)
  • Master in Feminist Intervention and Studies (San Cristóbal de Las Casas)

Faculty of Humanities

    • Master in History

Institute of Applied and Basic Science

    • Master in Materials and renewable energetic systems

Faculty of Engineering

    • Master in Sustainable development and risk management Science

Biological Sciences Institute.

    • Maestría en Ciencias en Biodiversidad y Conservación de Ecosistemas Tropicales.

    In spite of still not being catalogue as a quality master for the PNPC-CONACYT, the master in Music is one of a kind due to the international interest for the learning and perfection in the musical instruments. The percussionists who wish to learn and improve the marimba’s techniques won’t find a better option than this one. Its academic staff has taken part in countless concerts around the world and even more, more than the half of them are international; as well as its students. All the classes are hold in English and Spanish.


The doctorates are given in the Mesoamerican and Central American Study Center CESMECA

  • Doctorate in Social and Humanistic Science
  • Doctorate in Feminist Intervention and Studies